Filmtunnel “Perchina”

Soil covering square - 7,5 m2.
This tunnel is a greenhouse simplified version for there are no doors provided in it’s design.
Tunnel is opening and closing by folding rails.
Tunnel main complect do not includes coverage but it may be added according to a customer wishes. Tunnel coverage is a modern special film which is 150mkn thick and 6m wide.


Tunnel dimensions:
width - 1,56 m;
height - 1,75 m;
length - 4,8 m.

The tunnel is supplied in 2 packages with a total weight not exceeding 25kg:
1-st package - straight parts and components, wrapped in foil, with dimensions: 1250x100x50mm.
2-nd package – arcs details and arcshaped clamps with dimensions: 1200x250x70mm.

Frame:   (96 EUR)
Price including a light stabilising film for greenhouses  (thickness 150mkn, 6x6, 5m):   (122 EUR)