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Main attention to quality!

Cheap polycarbonate can "burn" the plants, it doesn’t resist frost and heat, yellows and becomes turbid. Cover our greenhouses with high-quality and tested polycarbonate only!

Polycarbonate is a perfect material for any translucent structures. Therefore, its application is extremely diverse. Here are just some of the areas where the polycarbonate panels are widely used.


    Greenhouses covering
    stockbreeding complex covering

Urban Development:

    roof glazing
    coverage for buildings, stops, telephone booths
    arched structures (canopies, awnings)
    sound barriers


    light boxes
    advertising board
    signage, canopies
    large letters

Interior Design:

    partitions for offices
    balconies, winter gardens

The assortment of polycarbonate

Only high quality raw materials (known to Western European companies, among which is Bayer, in recent years, firmly holding first place among the suppliers of raw materials for plastics) are used for production.

Sheets of polycarbonate undergo a multistage quality control. Manufacturing company has an international certificate for the international standard ISO and international certificate of the network IQNet, recognized in 35 countries. It was also repeatedly awarded with gold medals in international competitions as the "Best polymeric material."