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Greenhouse Fermer 3,5m

Greenhouse "Farmer" is designed for industrial cultivation of agricultural crops in farms. However, its scope of application is not limited by agriculture: a greenhouse can be used as a warehouse, garage, industrial building, the shelter for the pool and much more. This particular greenhouse allows growing crops all year round, if is provided it with heating. For this purpose, its design provides the possibility of modern insulation materials use that will significantly reduce heating costs. Greenhouse "Farmer-7, 5" (7.5m-wide) can be equipped with a lobby, which will serve for additional heat retention. Greenhouse frames are made of a special galvanized profile, have arched shape, consist of arched girders which are connected by purlins and end structures. The width of the greenhouse - 3.5 m, 4.2 m, 4.6 m, 5 m or 7.5 m, height - from 3 to 4m. The greenhouse can have various lengths, multiple of 2.1m. The minimum length is 4.2m. The largest size of frame details does not exceed 3.1 meters. Greenhouse frames are assembled by means of screws and nuts. Cover fastening at the end walls is carried out by means of angular brackets. Top fastening is accomplished by means of special mounting profiles "POLYSCREP". Recommended cover thickness of cellular polycarbonate is 6mm, but you can also use 8mm, 10mm.